+ you got that look

I'll Love You Forever...

that's the problem.

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+ you got that look
Sorry guys!

I decided i didn't want random weirdos reading about me... but i'll add you if you comment. And i'll check out your Journal... if it gives me a bad vibe... i might say no...

but i love new friends! :D

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you're profile is so awesone (if I were you, I wouldn't judge be my mine, because I have absolute NO skill when it comes to my LJ profile, hahaha)

add me?

lol, i'll totally add you dude!
i just kinda did a clean sweep on everything on my journal... so don't be shocked by the emptiness!!!

(Deleted comment)
sure, no prob!
don't forget to add me too!

just out of curiousity, how'd you come across my journal?

(Deleted comment)
Hello. Your icons rock! Also, I'm diggin' your layout too..haha. Watch Scrubs perchance?


aw thanks, i work really hard to please you guys!
and yes, I LOVE SCRUBS! it is wonderful. But i love House MD more...


- don't forget to add me back!

hi! I wanna be your friend!



don't forget to add me!

Hey! I saw you on the Disney Channel community, and you said that you liked Monique, Corbin and Lucas from HSM. I was thinking of doing an article on them, and I was wondering if I could interview you. (It'd be nice if you could elaborate as much as possible, and give me your name. xD)

1. Why do you like Monique, Lucas, and Corbin over Vanessa, Zac and Ashley?
2. How do you respond to their lack of publicity? What would you like to happen regarding their publicity and why?

Thanks, haha.

oh sure, great!

Name: Phoebe
1. Why do you like Monique, Lucas, and Corbin over Vanessa, Zac and Ashley?
I feel they did the HW and they have the real talent. When i see Monique, Lucas, and Corbin preform they are so dedicated to what they do. They're putting their hearts into what they're doing and they're proud of that. I feel like the other three are there to look pretty, they had almost no experience and it shows. Yet, whenever a camera is around... they have to make sure they're in the photo. Monique, Lucas, and Corbin are talented, and they've worked hard to become as talented as they are and they get over shadowed by others who are less then mediocre compared to them. The fact they're still strong after that, makes me love them more!

2. How do you respond to their lack of publicity? What would you like to happen regarding their publicity and why?

I'm slightly annoyed by it. I keep wondering why the others are getting all this attention... but no one is shining the light on them. I would like for people to realise talent is so much more than a pretty face and a loud mouth. I want them to be recognized and the talented artists they are, and for the press and such to stop making such a big deal over Zac, Vanessa and Ashley, because i feel they didn't do anything to deserve it...

*note: Monique, Lucas, and Corbin are the only things i liked about HSM... overall i really hated the movie... i don't really know if you want to add this bit in... but i thought it might be somewhat important.

btw... i added you. you don't have to add me back. but it would be nice :D

hi i'm liz(but you knew that already). you had left me a comment in captivatiions and you seemed like a nice person. i've been looking for new friends on my journal since i came back and i thought you would be good. add me? =)



don't forget to add me!

Hi, I saw you at celeb_photobook and it seems like you're a big fan of "House" (obviously, haha). I LOOOVE "House" and you seem really nice so I'd like to add you. Add me back? :)

lol, sure thing. and house is the greatest show ever. i love it way too much!

don't forget to add me!

(Deleted comment)
you seem like a fantastic person, and you have great taste in TV!!




come join, even if u cant make icons just come and vote

hey can u add me? i would love to see your icons (:

yes i'll add you, but this is my personal journal... whenever i make an icon update i post them here - but also at:

omg, sorry it took me so long!

hey :)

saw your post at fg and you seem to be nice. i think we share many interests (:

add me?

awesome! i'll totally add you.
don't forget to add me back!

+ added

Hi, I noticed that you were a maker at captivatiions [I used to be a maker there myself] and since it has closed, I was wondering if you'd like to be a maker at hollywoodinc [not run by the same owner]. I understand if you decline and I am therefore sorry for spamming, however, you'd be a very nice addition to our staff.

Thank you for your time, and again, if you are not interested, I apologize for the spam.

Great! The only thing I ask if that you still post an application [for info and example purposes]. You will be given posting access now though, if you are not yet a member, I'll send you an invitation =)

Thanks again!

Hi I really like you LJ and I would love to know more about you, add me back? :)

you were my friend before, when I was arrages822, but I got a new joournal, add me again on this one please??

i added you :]
hope it's okay,

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