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Sorry this journal is locked. If you care to see my ramblings and some stuff I only post here then write your username + real name in a comment and I'll get back to you.

BTW: my icon/texture/whatever posts will almost always be public or posted on a public community

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61xIcons 2xBanners
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Not crazy about this icon batch... meh. I just wanted to get them off my computer cause I have a batch in the making that is a bit more creative - not just textless/textureless icons. But I love the skins pics. Maybe I just love skins and anything skins related. hahaha. Anyway... ENJOY FOLKS!

Skins & Misc Models
61 icons & 2 banners
  • Credit major_flan
  • Please do not credit as your own or edit
  • Comments are fantastic!
  • If you have a question about any of these just ask!
  • ENJOY!


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  • We Are Golden
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    Thought it might be more organized (this journal is a mess) to have all of my awards in one nifty location. I did this once but was crap at keeping up with it. So, please feel free to look through at my awards and ask any question about the work you see. If you have questions about coloring, textures, etc I am just a comment away!

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    Icon Batch: Skins
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    So this is my first batch in what feels like forever. It's not that big but i am just getting used to this again. The icons are all of the TV show Skins, gotta love 'em. Some are screencaps some are behind the scenes stuff. Enjoy!

    {63 icons}
    - you may snag these
    - no hotlinking
    - no editing/stealing/claiming as your own
    - comment if you're taking one please!
    - credit major_flan


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    Resource Post
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    I would be lost/scared/confused/a failure with out the assistance and talent of these people. Feel free to leave a comment if you feel that I have left you off this list - it is NOT intentional! I am just very disorganized.

    this list is ongoing

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    ok, i decided that i have to start keeping my winning banners for my icontests... i haven't been doing it... i have won a lot of stuff - but this is all i have so far (from just starting to post these)

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    Friends Only
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    Sorry guys!

    I decided i didn't want random weirdos reading about me... but i'll add you if you comment. And i'll check out your Journal... if it gives me a bad vibe... i might say no...

    but i love new friends! :D


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